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Real Estate Law: Buying, Selling and Refinancing

Real Estate Law: Buying, Selling and Refinancing

We have experience dealing with Residential and Commercial real estate transactions, including transactions connections with the sale or purchase of a business.

At Haxell Law, service is personal. Aside from Jameson Glas, there are three real estate clerks handling files. Mr. Glas not only oversees their work, but also makes himself available to answer any questions that you may have as we work towards your closing.

Mr. Glas is happy to review your Offer before you present it; if you are buying or selling privately, we can assist you in drafting the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. If you are working with an agent, you can have your agent contact us for the wording to use in a clause to cover a unique situation.

If you are buying a new home or condominium, we highly recommend that you let us see the builder’s Agreement before you submit it, or if the builder provides for a solicitor’s review, within the time allowed. If you are buying a new condominium, you have 10 days from when the Agreement is accepted to have me review the contract. Each builder has its own form of Agreement. There are often “add-on” charges in the fine print; for example, we often ask that the increase in development charges be “capped”.

At some firms, you never meet the lawyer with carriage of your file. You sign the documents for your purchase, sale or your new mortgage with a secretary or a law clerk. For the 20 years that Haxell Law has been in existence, the solicitors have made every effort to personally sign up every client. Jameson enjoys signing up his clients. He feels the clients that he has met, and their children (yes, they are welcome), have enriched him.

There is more involved in a residential real estate transaction than many clients realize, and every transaction, whether Commercial or Residential, is unique. That is why there are many law firms, large and small, that do not offer real estate as one of their services. If you want to deal with a firm that is in real estate law by design and is therefore organized to do a thorough job, but is not so big that your transaction is just one of hundreds closing on the last Friday of the month, then Haxell Law is the right choice for you.

At Haxell Law our quotes include a detailed breakdown of the true costs of your transaction, including legal fees, disbursements, title searches, registration fees, and HST. Many lawyers exclude disbursements and title search costs and clients are left with these hidden fees as a surprise on closing. We aim to ensure that our clients are always aware of the true costs as they go into a transaction.


At Haxell Law quality comes at a fair price. Feel free to call for a quote.

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